The scientific activities of the LGWA collaboration are organized in four working groups. If you like to work with us, then use the contact page, and we will forward your message to the working-group chairs.

WG 1: GW Science and Multi-messenger Astronomy

  • Seeds of supermassive black holes
  • Early warning and sky-localization of binary neutron-star mergers
  • Tests of general relativity
  • Tidal disruption events
  • Black-hole populations
  • Cosmology
  • Traces of binary (super)massive black holes in AGNs
  • White-dwarf mergers and supernovae type Ia progenitors

WG 2: Lunar Science and Deployment Site

  • Geologic modeling
  • Modeling of the seismic background (geophysical modeling)
  • Landing site characterization
  • Lunar interior structure and GW response of the Moon
  • Field tests in terrestrial environments emulating the lunar regolith
  • Background noise reduction with novel array-analysis techniques

WG 3: Payload

  • Niobium Watt's linkage
  • Interferometric and superconductor readout systems for picometer to femtometer sensing
  • Platform leveling mechanism
  • Platform mounting system
  • Low/no-vibration cryocooler
  • Heat management
  • Communication
  • Power system